As you will read in the upcoming Zarja Fall 2018 issue……SUA and Slovenian Genealogy Society - Ljubljana will be working on a project, Slovenian DNA Pool. By having your DNA tested you will open the door to finding ancestral family and then submitting your DNA results to the Slovenian DNA Pool you will aid in the search in the finding the origin of a Slovenian people.

Family Tree is having a Thankgiving sale. The Family Finder (Family Ancestry) is on sale for $69 to $49. Click here to go to their website for offer details.

We received this announcement recently and the special sale may have ended. If history is any indicator, you will see numerous specials appear just before the Holiday season. This might give you some time to do some research on the on the features and costs of the various options available for each product. A Google search using the search criteria of "compare dna ancestry tests" will get you some information. The one we found quite useful as a starting point is here and there are others. It's best to avoid sites that claim to have the 10 best of anything as those are usually vendor paid reviews.

Regardless which test is used, most have the capability for you to release the details to other databases such as the Slovenian site.

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