Mary came to the US as a child and told the story of her adventures in a suitcase. She co-hosted events at the Nectary restaurant with her brother Andy.  A former teacher, she “trained” members’ children/grandchildren to be waiters and waitresses and to use the Slovenian language.

Karl served as Membership chair for several years and initiated membership recruitment tools. He was a long time teacher in St. Paul and peace activist.  The peace pole in his yard was featured at a Festival of Nations exhibit.
JOHN KOROSEC, JR (No photo available)

John was a member of the Twin Cities Slovenians in its early years, attending meetings in 2006-2007, and was proud of his Slovenian roots.  He attended Ely Community College and the University of Minnesota.  Along with his wife Martha, John founded Koro Industries Inc. in 1965

Gracious and generous, Yvonne served as Treasurer.  She organized our first silent auction and a successful raffle at our State Convention, which gave our Branch a sound financial basis.  She was always among the first to volunteer to bring a gift, make a quilt, or bake a potica for any special event.  She was honored as Member of the Year in 2011.

Kris rarely missed a Slovenian language class meeting.  She helped Miro, her brother, and his wife, Karen, host gatherings at his house and was always available to participate in the TCS exhibit at the Festival of Nations.

He was a High School Gridance Counselor for 39 years.  Don had been a host in our booth for the Festival of Nations.  He and his wife Marlene were active in many areas of our organization.

Marlene chaired the SUA State Convention held at the Church of St. Bernard in St. Paul that was sponsored by Branch 109 TCS.  She and husband Don hosted our first wine tasting event.  Her great singing voice and sense of humor are missed.

Jean was corresponding secretary for five years.  She was skilled at computer graphics and made invitations to our events look professional.  She also designed and machine embroidered Slovenian words and sayings on aprons, towels and winesacks for fund raising purposes.  She rarely missed board or membership meetings even though she had to drive over an hour to attend. She loved sending letters and packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of the founding members of the Twin Cities Slovenians.  A native Slovenian who inspired and recounted so much of our Slovenian heritage and ethnicity.  Yul is a “man of all seasons” - a botanist, horticulturist, chemist, historian, winemaker, carpenter and garden designer.  Every one of these titles reflects his love of the Slovenian culture. 

His “Slovenski dom” in Roseville, Minnesota, exudes his love of Slovenia - from the stucco on the exterior of his home; to the Slovenian flora in his backyard garden; to the painted panels honoring Bishop Baraga and Father Pirc; to the archeological replica of the oldest wooden wheel in the world (discovered in Slovenia); and to the many pictures and Slovenian bric-a-brac in the interior of his home, Yul has remained true to his ethnicity and is a constant reminder of our shared roots.