Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting

Feb 11, 2012

Julian  H . Sleeper Museum

Welcome: President John Zakelj called the meeting to order and introduced Dr. Seth Hawkins.  Dr. Hawkins welcomed the group to the museum in celebration of Slovenian Cultural Month and Preseren Day.

Attending:  Approx 15 members were present, along with 5-8 additional guests of members and Dr. Hawkins.

Presentation:  Dr. Hawkins introduced the poetry reading.  He would do an oral presentation of several Franz Preseren poems in English and John Zakelj would then read the poem in Slovenian.  The readings were as follows:

Ribič – The Fisherman

Slovo od mladosti – A Farewell to My Youth

Je od vesel’ga časa – Of Twelvemonths Since

Magistrale – The Master Theme

Zdravljica – A Toast – the Slovenian National Anthem.


For the next part of the presentation, Miro Medved, along with his wife Karen and his daughter-in-law Sarah Morris sang the following songs:

Gor Čez Jezero”

Kje So Tiste Stezice”. 

Karen played the accordion and Sarah accompanied on guitar.  Sarah is an accomplished singer and sings across the country, Nashville and the Twin Cities professionally.


The last part of the presentation was a Slovenian song, Across the Water, sung by Sing Zhang.  Sing is from Beijing, China.  She is a trained actress from the Central Academy Drama School and has performed with the Beijing People’s Art Theatre.  She has her Masters in Fine Arts from Bloomington Illinois.  Several years ago, she met MiroHe gave her some Slovenian music to send to her brother in China .  They chose “Gor Ces Jezero” and published it in Chinese.  Miro invited Sing to his home so that she could learn the song.  He translated the words into English and she then into Chinese.  His wife Karen played the piano and accordion and they made a CD with her.

After the Chinese singing, Miro sang the Slovenian national anthem in Slovenian.

There was plenty of food and beverages for guests to enjoy.  The Slovenian museum remained open for guests to visit before leaving.


Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 am.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Monson