Twin Cities Slovenians Membership Meeting
March 15, 2014, New Brighton Community Center

Welcome by President John Zakelj

Slovenian Singing Mary Ann Palmer, one to a music video by Danica Fillipič, one accompanied by Rich Samec.

Treasurer’s report by Mary Ann Setnicker $3,327.40 with 103 members!  Attendance: 39 and one guest, plus 4 children.


                Thanks for treats brought in!  Mary Jo Vershay and Mike Cardinal came early to help.

                Please sign up to bring treats for April and May.

                Festival of Nations May 1-4, the theme is Peace among the Nations.  Please sign up to volunteer

at the booth; there will be information for volunteers to use. Parking has not been settled – depends on hockey playoffs.  There is shuttle service and free busing on weekends for festival volunteers.

May 1 Navihanke- Pat Dahl- we are sponsoring this group concert at Concordia University.  Ign up for tickets! A couple need housing and a dinner might be in order.

Next year’s programming – Sept to May.  Please consider contributing your talents by doing a presentation, and/or suggesting a program.

Photo calendar – Rick Pisa.  Please email your photos to Rick Due by May 1, the board will choose the photos for the calendar.

Slovenian weddings- Mary Lou is putting on display on weddings. Submit wedding photos from 1800s to 2014; no limit to number of photos submitted; even non-members are welcome to become part of the collection Contact Mary Lou Deyak Voelk   phones:  251-968-4364  or  715-292-1960   email:; the  deadline is June 1, 2014.

                Willard festival 3rd weekend in June

Green card voices has recorded 55 stories, 1 from a Slovenian from NYC.  Will have a studio at Festival of Nations and will record.  Would like to have a Minnesota Slovenian.

Slovenian childrens books were donated to the library, check them out!

Door Prizes: Wine and Navihanke CDs

Program   Tea Rozman - Traditional Slovenian Easter Egg Dyeing

Tea demonstrated a traditional Slovene Easter egg dyeing technique using herb leaves and red onion skins. We started with a beautiful and fragrant assortment of herbs, including basil, sage, rosemary and parsley, submerged into a bowl of warm water and placed on top of white and brown eggs. 

Use fresh dampened leafy plant; press onto egg. Using piece of pantyhose, tightly stretch around egg and tie with string. Take them home for boiling – boil in water in which onion skins or other spices, red cabbage, tea or wine have been cooked.  Use vinegar in water to set the color.   Boil eggs, remove herbs, and rub with olive oil.  To see a video of a similar technique, go to and type in “Onion skin colored Easter Eggs” by cleslo. 

Upcoming meetings

                Please sign up to bring treats for meetings. 

                April 12 Fest of Nations prep- will have brochure, tips on costumes and booth staffing.

May 17 9:30-3:00, with a break for lunch.  Genealogy meeting – Chuck Podomonick has arranged for Peter Hawlina from genealogy society in Ljubljana to come. He will present for an hour or so, then in the afternoon you can sit with him and his crew for information on your own questions.

                June 21 Independence Day and Anniversary dinner at Miro Medveds home.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller, Recording Secretary