Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting
March 17, 2012
Venetian Inn

Welcome: President John Zakelj called the meeting to order.

Attending:  Approx 25 Members were present

Music:  Mary Ann Palmer, accompanied by Rich Samec on the accordion, had the group sing along to the song:  Pojdem na Stajersko.

Treasurers Report:  Mary Ann Setnicker reported the group has 1920.23 to date in the fund.

Minutes from Previous Meeting/Board:

Fund Raising:  Jean Rolstsad has aprons and dish towels for sale.  Brought all samples to meeting, can be customized with special Slovenian names, colors.  Place orders now for Christmas as she has time during the summer.  Fall will be too busy and a bit late.    Dish Towels: $12 and Aprons $15.

Other:  John just received a copy of the book:  Padre Pedro Apostle of Hope by J.M. Silveyra.  It’s about Father Peter Opeka, a Slovenian missionary in Africa. His mission is to help people to become more self sufficient.  It also tells the story of his Slovenian parents, their flight during the war and subsequent emigration and current life in Argentina.

Jenny Mayer recently went and heard speaker  Eleanor Osman.  She is from the Range and is available for free speaking engagements.   She promotes her Finnish Cookbook, which she sells at the meetings.  There is a great section on Iron Range cooking in this book.
Rick Pisa reminder about Lending Library for members  

Yul Yost continues to make connections in regards to Father Baraga.  He recently located a genealogy book on him.

Presentation:   (DVD is attached)    Chuck Podomonic has travelled to Slovenia over 5 times, with each visit lasting about a month each.  Each visit was in regards to Slovenian Genealogy.  Why an Interest?  The desire for continuity.  Most families never talked about the old country, everyone was just a ‘relative’.  Chuck shared a story about finding a letter in his dad’s belonging and which was the start of finding long lost relatives and his genealogy research.

Chuck gave some beginning tips” There are some great handouts available for members, along with a DVD of the presentation for the Board and website.

After presentation a lively question and answer session involved all members, with members sharing websites and ideas. 

Yvonne McComber brought items for the free raffle for all members.    6 lucky members received Girl Scout cookies.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jamie Monson