Twin Cities Slovenians Membership Meeting

Minutes for March 27, 2010


There were about 45 in attendance. 


Norm Setnicker opened the meeting, welcoming all including Martin Strel a marathon swimmer and Twin Cities Slovenians member.  Norm gave the treasurer’s report, we have $3720.00 in our account; there will be some large expenses forthcoming with the Festival of Nations and Regional Convention.  He handed out a booklet, Anton Martin slomšek, a short introduction of a great role model for modern times.


Instead of singing Slovenec Sem, Mary Ann Palmer led us in singing Ne Grem Domov.  We had some Easter vocabulary, and John Zakelj read the poem Pirhi (Easter Eggs).


Jim Smrekar updated us on general Festival of Nations information, our set-up time is set for noon on Wednesday, April 28th.  Frank Medved showed us a mock-up of our booth and explained the backdrops that will be used.  Jim mentioned that there will be a cutout of a dragon that will be used as a photo-op.  Mary Medved offered us some history on the Festival, the process, procedure, etc.  People who will be hosting the booth can obtain clothing or information from her. David Rademacher mentioned that there were no baseball type cards left to hand out the last 2 days last year, and questioned how that will be handled this year.  Information of folklore characters is available on our website.  Members were urged to sign up for hosting the booth.


Norm introduced the chairs for the 2010 Regional Convention, Marlene Palkovich and Mary Ann Setnicker will chair.  There will be a noon mass at St Bernard’s, seated dinner and brief business meeting to follow.  Entertainment may include St Stevens Choir; details are still being worked out.  Marlene went over the structure of the event and set out signup sheets for positions people could manage.  The convention will be held on September 12, 2010, starting at noon until about 3pm.


Martin Strel was introduced and gave a presentation on his background and experiences.  He showed a short video and talked about the hazards and near death experiences he faced while swimming some of the worlds greatest rivers.  He showed an implement (barcode neutralizer?) and talked about clean water, presented Yul Yost with one of the implements.  Martin answered some questions from the members, autographed some pictures and posed for photos with members.


Yul Yost commissioned Tom Moren to make a stained glass portrait of Martin swimming.  Jamie Monson, dressed in traditional Slovenian clothing and made the presentation.  Yul also mentioned the SWUA cookbook “Pots and Pans” which is available at the Jullian H Sleeper house in St Paul.


Norm mentioned that he still has a few copies of the book Slovenia Attracts. 


Respectfully submitted by MaryAlice Schwanke