Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2011


President Norm Setnicker called the meeting to order with 44 members and guests present.  President-elect John Zakelj explained a table of handouts he set up for the members.


Joe Kusnik introduced special guests Richard and Maja Samec, distant cousins whom he met recently through genealogy research using our Twin Cities Slovenians’ Directory.


Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $2,755.14.


Karl Grahek reported the membership numbers remain the same, with room for new members.  He reminded everyone of the “good deal” of $10 for new members.


Norm reported the Festival of Nations’ Schedule is posted on our website.  Directions to the Little Venetian Café for our meetings will also be posted.



Chairs Sue Rademacher and Mike Koski updated members on “Marketplaces of the World, the theme for this year’s Festival of Nations.  Opportunities abound for sign-ups and are needed.  Contact Mike if you can be scheduled to work.  Costumes are a must if you work in the booth, and there are costumes available for your use.  The paid parking passes were distributed.  Entrance passes for workers will be mailed. 

A facsimile of the booth was displayed, and Sue explained the various Slovenian-associated products that will be displayed.  Each product will display its name in Slovenian on one side of the card, and English on the backside, which festivalgoers can use to test their language skills.

Norm introduced and explained the baseball-sized cards showing four different denominations of Euro coins, which will be handouts, along with a tri-fold brochure, which uses the Slovenian National Marketing Slogan, “I Feel Slovenia.” 

Set-up of the booth will be noon on Wednesday, May 4.  Takedown will be Sunday, May 8.  Jaime Monson will produce some Slovenian names with English equivalents, which will be available in a folder in the booth for the use of the workers.

Mike reminded members that this is a global market and all transactions will be in Euros.  There will be a conversion chart available.

Sue asked if anyone would be willing to host the gathering on Sunday after the end of the event.  Please call her if you able to do so.


John Zakelj informed members that there is a humorous approach to the differences between Slovenia and Slovakia on the website,  After you get to, then Slovenia, then click on “videos” in the middle of the red bar towards the top.  A list of videos will come up, and then click on Slovenia vs. Slovakia.


Norm reported that we will begin a project on oral traditions of the Slovenian community next fall.  More information will be forthcoming.


Norm read a message from Marge Pryately detailing the 20th Anniversary Party commemorating Slovenia’s Independence on Sunday, June 26, from 2:30-5:30, sponsored by the KSKJ Chapter around St. Cloud.  There will be a meal, a short history of Slovenia’s independence, presented by Marge Pryately,(a professor at St. Cloud State University), socializing, and, perhaps, dancing.  The cost is estimated at $20-$25.  Preliminary interest from our group was given by a show of hands.  Norm will report the numbers to Marge.


Bob Grahek, who has been taking the Monday night Slovenian Language Classes at St. Francis Cabrini Church at 7:00 p.m. (1500 Franklin Avenue SE, Minneapolis, 55414), told members to contact him, Rick Pisa, or John Zakelj if they are interested in purchasing a CD, which goes along with the first volume of the language manual.  The manual itself is no longer available for purchase. 

Language teacher Kasenja Rener-Sitar, her husband Jose, and their children, Dorian and Ariana, were introduced, and Kasenja emphasized that the course is free, and you are welcome to attend any Monday.


Frank Medved gave a presentation on Slovenian Easter traditions, “Easter Customs and Rituals in Slovenia.”  He also passed around colored wood shavings used in making the buterica and a noise-making toy used by the children.

Frank will give a report in May on the information his daughter collected from our members for a class project.


An Easter Raffle was held, and prizes were won by Jean Smith, Richard Samec, Jaime Monson, Kris Nelson, and Kasenja Rener-Sitar.


Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne McComber, Substitute Secretary


(If anyone left a dark teal sweater at our Christmas Party, please contact Jan Hahn.)