Twin Cities Slovenians


Minutes of Meeting April 18, 2009, 9:30pm


Attendees:  (33+)


Announcements:  On Sat. April 25th and Mon, April 27th, the Twin Cities Film Festival will show ‘Roosters Breakfast’ by Petidino Zeito at St Anthony Main.  It is a Slovenian slacker comedy based on a best-selling novel by the same name.


Secretary Report:  Not read, this meeting was a dress rehearsal for the Festival of Nations.


Treasurer Report:  Yvonne reported today’s checkbook balance of $1567.28. 


Norm thanked MaryAlice for putting all links & info on the website.  MaryAlice stated if there were any corrections or additions to email her.


Norm reported on the results of the survey:

  1. More use of the Slovenian language
  2. More socialization time
  3. Would like to hear from those who have traveled to Slovenia
  4. Sharing of recipes & food


Mary Ann Palmer distributed list of beginning words & phrases


Norm announced our next meeting is set for May 16th.  He said we would meet again on June 24th (day before Slovenian Independence Day) for a reception for Zvon the Slovenian Counsel from Cleveland.  He will be giving a slide presentation.  Meeting at Miro Medved’s to learn the Slovenian National Anthem.  Time of event is not yet set.


The creation of a “Sunshine Committee” was discussed by the board, let us know if there is a death or illness in the membership or their family.


Past week, there were lectures at the U of M, by Professor Rattan on how Slovenia became a Country, and the role of Women in carrying nationalism while men were fighting in the war.  Yul reported further on the lecture.  In 1948 Tito broke with Stalin was said to be the cruelest day in Slovenian history, but many don’t agree.  Yul said ’45 was the cruelest and encouraged us to read the book 1945.


On May 15th, Mary Alice will be our representative at the MN Archivist Conference.


Festival of Nations:  Mary Medved welcomed new and younger people.  Gave us an overview of the Festival, the countries involved and that it included the exhibit booths, food and a bazaar.  The time slots were 3 hours long and encouraged people to sign up. 

The Festival theme is Inventions & Transportation.  The gift to us from the Chamber of Commerce in Ribnica is at the airport.  There will also be “baseball” cards for kids, with inventor’s info on them.  The information envelope will be in the suitcase with the insurance info and permission slips, etc.  Mary introduced us to “Urban”, the Suha Roba from Ribnica.


Frank translated the words to “Ribniska”, a song about Urban.  He explained about a picture-taking opportunity for students by putting their face into an opening.  He also explained the pics & info in booth.


World’s oldest wheel – Yul is trying to get a picture of the 5,300 year old wheel.


Other innovators info will be in a book for use by the booth workers.


7 slide presentation, prepared in Cleveland of 7 people in US, still working on getting video presentation.


Maps are not allowed because this is an ethnic exhibit, not a national exhibit, to many countries have disputed boundaries.


Janet Hahn showed her costume that belongs to Vida Ponikvar, the 1st Nat’l costume made in Slovenia and shipped to the US.


Frank introduced Stanko Jurcic, from Gorensk.  He is a 1 year volunteer for a community Homestead in Osceola, WI.


Norm explained what to expect when the children come on Thursday & Friday.


Jan Hahn volunteered to bring the goodies for next monthly meeting.


Adjournment:  about 11:10 a.m.


Submitted by:  MaryAlice Schwanke