Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting
April 21, 2012
Venetian Inn
Welcome: President John Zakelj called the meeting to order.

Attending:  A total of 37 members and guests were present.

Music:  Sue Rademacher led the group singing Zdravica Stari Trti

Treasurers Report:  Mary Ann Setnicker reported the group has $2078.73 to date in the fund.  No bills for Festival of Nations have been submitted or paid as of today.

Other Business:
KSKJ is planning a trip to Branson with Singing Slovenes May 4-7 2012.
The textbook currently being used in Slovenian language class “Colloquial Slovene”.  Is available both on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Norm presented Twin Cities Slovenian’s “Member of the Year”   to Sue Rademacher.  Norm read the article regarding her honor that he wrote and is being published in the Zarija newspaper.
Board Meeting Wednesday will be open to suggestions in planning programs for next year.
Fund Raising:  At next meeting in May, Jean will show Christmas Aprons.  Place order soon, by September there will be no orders taken.

Presentation:   (3)

1.Sue Rademacher and Mike Koski are Co-Chairs of Festival of Nations. 
The theme this year is Ethnic Events.  Twin Cities Slovenians are hosting a booth this year and the focus will be Festival Stare Trte, the Old Vine Festival.  A sub theme will be the bee and bee products. The backdrop in booth will be the Old Vine. 
There will be some showcase Bee Products from Slovenia and a Bee Hive.  The Bee hive is being built by John Medved.    Jean Rolstad made a bee costume and will be worn by Chloe Samec on Friday and Saturday.  Any other children who want to participate in the Festival can sign up to wear the costume.  The Carnelian Grey Bee;  Kranjska Svika, is known as docile hardworking, efficient, also great traits of the Slovenian culture.
Mike Koski thanked the group for all the volunteers, still has openings that need to be filled. Contact him as soon as you can.
Mike also purchased a block of parking tickets for River City parking ramp and will be selling them for $6.00 each.
Saturday morning at 8:00 am, KARE 11 will showcase Festival of Nations including the Slovenian group. All who want to participate please arrive early in costume.
Thursday/Friday predominately school groups approx 7000 students pass through those doors.  There will be many questions regarding country information.  They will want names written and there is a book available to help. They will have Passport – and it does get busy with stamping.
The Slovenian booth has won “Best Booth” by Festival of Nations 2 of the 5 years. 
The focus of the festival is on culture of countries- not maps or borders.
2.  Sue and Dave Rademacher presented slides of their most recent trip to Slovenia. 
Slides included Ljubljana, Lake Bled and photos of their extended family who live in Slovenia.  They continued their journey by taking the train to Maribor. They met up with Norm and MaryAnn Setnicker during the Festival Stare Trte, the Maribor Old Vine Festival.   Sue and Dave met up with Kesinje Renar Sitar in Krtinovica and she showed them the small vineyard and distillery in the home of her father, along with the beautiful gardens surrounding it.  Their travels took them  on Kranjska Gora and up to the Italian border.  Other places of interest included visiting a cemetery in Kobarid , exploring medieval Skofja loka and finally ending their journey back in Ljubljana.
3. Father Baraga – Yul Yost
Yul handed out a postcard of all the sites of Father Baraga.  Yul continued to share the history of Father Baraga along with his insights into many of the photos of him and what and how Father Baraga is portrayed.
 Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 am.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jamie Monson