Twin Cities Slovenians


Minutes of Meeting May 16, 2009, 9:30am


Attendees:  (21)


Norm Setnicker handed out the agenda for the meeting and played the music for Slovenec Sem as we sang along.


Secretary Report:  MaryAlice Schwanke read the minutes from the previous meeting.


Treasurer Report: 


In Yvonne’s place, her husband Al reported today’s checkbook balance of $971.02.  We will still have a freight expense for the Ribnichon to pay.


Language Lesson: 


Mary Ann Palmer handed out a list of Slovenian greetings and we read through them.




Norm reported that MaryAlice attended an Archivist Conference at the U of M on a full scholarship from the Friends of the Immigration History Research Center.  MaryAlice reported that the event was an informative overview of archiving but didn’t get into technical issues, or wasn’t in depth on a specific issue.


Festival of Nations: 


Zarja Celebration:


Norm told us “Urban” will be at the celebration.  He read through the celebration events that were listed in the May/June Zarja on pages 21-22.  Mary Medved mentioned the lack of information on places to stay while attending the celebration, that info has since been added to the SWUA website.


Zarja Indexing Project: 


Norm asked Mary Lou Voelk what years our group was assigned to index, they are 1946-1959.  He is setting up a meeting at the IHRC.  We are looking for volunteers to help index these issues.


Next TCS Meeting: 


Our next meeting is June 24th about 7pm and is to recognize outgoing Consul General Zvon Žigon and his wife Irena for their work.  The reception will be at the Nectary and include appetizers & wine for a small charge around $5.  Norm is looking for ideas on a gift to present Zvon.


Miro Medved will be hosting a Slovenian singing session on June 7th. 


Regional Convention: 


Norm would like members to attend and report back to events so we can plan our hosting of next year’s convention.  A Task Force!


Baraga Picnic:  Saturday, August 8th, 2009, at Yul’s home.


General Information:



Adjournment:  about 11:20 a.m.


Submitted by:  MaryAlice Schwanke