Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting
May 19, 2012
Venetian Inn 

Welcome: President John Zakelj called the meeting to order. 

Attending:  A total of 23 members and guests were present. There were 4 guests of Rich Samec.

Music:  Rich Samec played accordion while group gathered.

Treasurers Report:  Mary Ann Setnicker reported the group has $1949.00 to date in the fund.  Festival of Nations expense should be approx $1000.00.  Language class expenses should be approx $100.00.  Approx budget for next month should be $800.00.

Other Business:

Norm Setnicker reported from an article from the Zarija.  Paula Bajda Mavec is training to climb Mt. Triglav this summer at age of 70!  With this climb, she will be raising funds and donating them to the Slovenian Union of America.   The address to make donations is: www. or by mail at Slovenian Union of America, 431 N. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60432-1703. 

Fund Raising:  Jean is still taking orders for aprons and dishtowels this summer only.  There will be nor orders taken after September . 


1.Sue Rademacher and Mike Koski are Co-Chairs of Festival of Nations

Great success this year – approximately 38 people helped out in some way.   Sue and Mike personally thanked everyone for their hard work and shared stories of the people met at the festival and shared Slovenia with.  The Bee products are available from House of Honey Boznar in Polhav Gradec, Slovenia. 

2.  Slovenian American Music – Chuck Debevec

Chuck has collaborated with Rich Terselic have been collecting Slovenian – American recordings made between 1913-1958.  Chuck and Rich published an article about their work in the Journal of the Society for Slovene Studies.  Rich and Chuck are continuing to add to their collection and can be reached at 

There are 3 distinct time periods for Slovenian recorded music. 1900-1925, 1925-1942, 1942-1958.  Chuck’s presentation focused on the first 2 time periods. 

1900 -1925 Acoustic/ Immigrant

The 3 largest recording companies during this time were Columbia – the biggest, along with Victor and Okeh.  One of the first artists to record in the US is Milka Schneidova.  The group listened to the recording “Na vrsacu”, recorded Feb 10, 1913. Augusta  Danilova was another successful recording artist and actress in Ljubljana.   We listened to several recordings from 1917. "Sem Slovenska deklica” and “Tam za Laskm gricem”.

1925-1942 Electronic Recordings Americanized Style

Merver Accordian was an important part of this style.   Dr. William Lausche is known as father of Cleveland Style and helped shape the sound of that time.  He wrote, composed and along with Josephine Lausche and Mary Udovich recorded over 58 songs for Columbia during this time period.   

Some other famous artists included the Hoyer Trio and the group listened to  the recording “Sokolska Koracnica”.  Anton Schubel who recorded 29 times while in the US.  His most popular was, “Mamica moja”.   Others included  The Adija Singers.  Jadran Male Quartet. “Nova Stara pesen”, and the Joliet Girls Group.  Towards the end of this period, Frankie Yankovic started to record.  His first recordings he did not record under his first name, due to the fact he did not pay union dues.  Later he recorded on the Yankee and Joliet labels. On furlough from the war, he recorded 32 songs in one afternoon.  He went on to become “America’s Polka King”.  

1942-1958 Polka  bands – no more 78 recordings at this time.

There is a recommended recording  available “Slovenia, USA “a 3 disc CD package available on Amazon. 

3. Yul Yost -Father Baraga

The Father Baraga presentation will be Sept 15, 2012 and start at 1:00. He showed a map of the site and directions to the site.  Yul has been collecting information on the land and recording the history of Father Baraga and the cross.  Yul has written an article regarding this and it will be posted to the website.

Yul is also hosting a Garden Tour  at his house– June 9, at 5:00 pm.   Information will be emailed to the members. 

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 am. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Monson