Twin Cities Slovenians

Minutes of Membership Meeting

September 19, 2009, 9:30 am, Nectary


There were about 21 present.  Norm Setnicker (President) called the meeting to order about 9:45.  He directed us in the singing of Slovenec Sem, and with our first vocabulary lesson for the season.  Yassem Jurij (I am George).  We thanked our terrific host Andy Percic for providing our meeting place for the last 5 years.  The board meetings have been held here on weekday afternoons too.  Norm thanked Lois & Mark Finney and Al Siftar for volunteering to be part of our 1st meeting.


Al Siftar gave background information on Slovenia’s towns, municipalities and regions.  As members provide the location from where their ancestors came, he will make a detailed printout of the area.


Lois Finney was looking at the Balkan region and read Rick Steve’s book, she fell in love with Slovenia.  She explained that they flew into Venice and took the train into Villach Austria, then into Slovenia.  They stayed in a hostel in Ljubljana.  As she was talking she showed a power point presentation.  She showed a beautiful lit castle at Lake Bled that dates from the 1400’s.  They stayed in a B&B, rowing is a big sport in Slovenia, they lengthened Lake Bled for this purpose.  She passed around Bureks to share (Kremas Rezina), sort of a cream cake with cheese & Phyllo.  Some other information mentioned was the Lake Bled Museum, Slovenia history, old church relics, ceiling frescoes, wine making at the castle, moat that goes into the castle, their walk to Vintgar Gorge (6 hours), Slovenia hayrack, shrines along the way, Beehives, how clean Slovenia was,  Triglav Nat’l Park area, Bocce ball & friendliness, their boat ride to the church on the island (Pletna=boat), driving Vrsic pass in Triglav Nat’l Park in the Julian Alps, Russian POW’s built much of the pass, Serbian Orthodox church in Ljubljana, bridge over the river, Preseren Square, Franciscan Church.  There was a brief break then Lois continued with her presentation.  She spoke about the Burek stand, Riverside market, Dragon bridge, homemade wine, Roman ruins from 14AD (walls), the guidebook used – “a real jewel”.


Jeff Martinka had an announcement about the 2010 Festival of Nations; Lois took a break so he could speak.  Jeff would like to hold an organizational meeting soon at his home; he passed around a sign-up sheet for those interested in helping with the Festival.  The theme is “Folklore”.


Norm spoke about the book “Slovenia Attracts” and handed out a review he did on the book.


The Treasurer’s report was given by Yvonne McComber.  There is $1917.30 in our account; she is still waiting for a bill from Andy Percic for the Zgone farewell event.


Frank Medved gave a report on the Slovenia grant; we are still waiting to receive the funds.


Sue Rademacher spoke with Donald LaCoruse (spl?) from an ethnic dance group in the Twin Cities.  He is willing to teach a group of use traditional Slovenian dance; he charges $50/hour and says it is helpful if you know how to Waltz and Polka.  We will need to find a dance location, Sue passed around a sign-up sheet. 


Norm gave a Zarja Indexing project update – The National office is trying to index all issues; we are assigned the years 1946-1959; Norm explained some issues we are dealing with in indexing at the Elmer Anderson Library – IHRC (microfilmed issues, bound issues, parking costs, etc); The National office will be sending 5 years worth of issues for us to index.


The National office is having a membership drive; the winning branch will get 3 loaves of Rocky Mountain Potica.


Yvonne gave a report on the Regional Convention in Duluth.  They have raffles, sang songs, had coffee & a wide variety of goodies.  Branch reports were given; mass was held, they had accordion & button box music; had dinner & favors were at each place setting.  Yvonne set out information for a quilting show.


Mary Medved spoke about the group scrapbook and urged members to submit their information.


Yul Yost talked about the Slovenian American Times newspaper and encouraged people to subscribe.


Adjournment:  around noon


Submitted by:  MaryAlice Schwanke