Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting
October 20, 2012             
Little Venetian

Welcome: President John Zakelj called the meeting to order. Welcome to new members and visitors!

Attending: 34 attending

Music:  Music CD from Rick Pisa

Treasurer’s report: Mary Ann Setnicker.  As of Sept 30, $1,477.99 and we have 46 members paid up for this year, with renewals still coming in. 

Other Business:

September meeting-  Baraga Rendezvous Sept 15 at the cross near Schroeder. Speakers included Fr. Tegeder, Rep. Oberstar and Ms. Mckee from the Baraga organization.  Many thanks to Yul Yost and others for organizing.  It was a beautiful event on a beautiful day,  Approximately 36 attended. 

November meeting -will be held Saturday Nov. 17 at Frank and Mary Medved’s home.  There will be a cultural presentation on Martinovanje traditions.  Food will be potluck and we’ll have wine which is part of the tradition. 

December meeting -Liz Miller demonstrated apple strudel with her mom last year, we have the same meeting space. Liz would like ideas for a food demonstrator for the December presentation at her mom’s apartment.  Liz is willing to help etc. 

Language class – Frank Medved is lead teacher with John Zakelj and Joe Kuznik.  We have more students than last year!  See John Zakelj for details.

Fundraising:   Jean is taking orders for aprons and dishtowels, see her for details and deadlines.
2013 Calendars thanks to Rick Pisa, calendars were made of photos from member’s trips to Slovenia.  The first run of calendars sold out, second printing available today.
Raffle –wine from Slovenia “Santomas” from Primorje region near Koper. We also have honey from Slovenia and  a loaf of bread. The wine from Santomas goes back to the 9th century in the Primorje.
Placemats – photos of Slovenia were distributed as examples of future fundraiser. 
SUA news – Norm Setnicker  TCS is affiliated with national SUA.  The name change welcomes men.  Encourage membership in the SUA.  The Zarja is the publication of SUA and TCS has had good coverage for our events and participation 

Presentation:  Eleanor Ostman “Confessions of a Professional Eater” 
Eleanor was raised in Hibbing and has a wealth of recipes and traditions which are fodder for her stories.  The second edition came out in 2007.  It has many tried recipes and stories in it.
She has kinship as a Ranger, has friends amongst our group.  Her mother , of Finnish descent, would participate with Slovenian cooking groups in the neighborhood.  Her food experience lent her the experience to aid her career. 
Eleanor was hired by the Pioneer Press, and  transitioned to food borrowing on her past with food.  She started the “Tested Recipe” column.  After 30 years she wrote “Always on Sunday”.   She has seen many new appliances and spices become more common.  She enjoys the food trends, and the return of comfort food.

3 things enjoyed about being a food writer: 
1) readers and their responses,
2)judging food contests including national contests, and
3) taking groups on 60 food trips.. 
Her book,   “Confessions of a Professional Eater”, was printed in 2007 and is for sale.   Thanks to Jenny Mayer for suggesting Eleanor.