Twin Cities Slovenians

Minutes of Meeting October 23, 2010


President Norm Setnicker called the meeting to order at 9:50 a.m. with 21 members in attendance.  He welcomed all, then introduced Marissa Medved, daughter of Frank and Mary Medved.  Marissa is doing a school project and was at the meeting for information..


Norm then turned the meeting to Mary Ann Palmer for the singing session. Several songs were sung and singing went very well with enough people who knew the language well and participated in the singing.


Norm then read the minutes from the September meeting and discussed the treasury balance in the absence of Yvonne McComber, treasurer.  He also read the letter from St Bernard’s Church explaining the partial refund of our rental fee due to air conditioning and microphone service being unavailable.


Karl Grahek reported on the membership and we now have 73 new and renewed members and 12 old members who have not yet renewed.


Norm explained how Marissa Medved’s project is important for all of us, since it involves histories of Slovenians in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  He told how the IHRC is working  to get oral histories of Slovenians in Minnesota.  This ties in with Friends of  the IHRC having a conference on November 6, 2010.


Marissa then gave a short talk about her project.  She is attending Metropolitan State University and is doing a statistical study about local Slovenians. She then forms handed out forms to the membership to complete and give back to her. The forms addressed family information tracing which ancestors came from Slovenia and if the language was spoken.


When the forms were completed Sue Rademaker spoke about the Sample Slovenian Heritage Weekend at the Mohican Outdoor Center in New Jersey.  She and Dave had signed up to go and then here sister who lives in Baltimore signed up, then her brother in Phoenix  and his son and wife from Cinncinatti also signed up. There are many Slovenian heritage events sponsored by Branch 93 of New York City.


Norm announced that there will be an upcoming election of officers and he doesn’t intend to take on the presidency but will finish out his term through May of 2011.


Norm spoke of looking into a possible group trip to Cleveland in the future.  Mary Ann Palmer said she is going to Cleveland to visit her daughter soon and will




gather more information for us.  John Zakelj suggested we could combine  with the Slovenian festival held in Cleveland in September.


The program was next with John Zakelj giving a presentation on Slovenian Bobbin Lace.  His mother, Anna Žakelj Jesenko came to America in 1923 and her passport listed her occupation as čipkarica (woman bobbin lace maker).. She was a master in the art of Idrija lace.  John gave a DVD presentation provided by the Ohio Arts Council showing a Slovenian lady giving a demonstration of lace making. 


There was a question and answer period after the presentation and those who brought lace samples showed them as well as the sample that John brought.  Marlene Palkovich suggested that John contact Minnesota Public Television to show the film. She will help with contact information.


Norm is still planning for next month’s meeting which should be with stained glass.  Tom Moren, Yul Yost and Mike Koski are all to be involved.  The next meeting will be on November 20, 2010, again at the Little Venetian.


Yul read a hand written letter on lined paper that he had received in response to the Bishop Baraga post cards that were handed out at the convention.  He was trying to find out who owned the land on which the cross stands.  The letter said it was the writer’s family who deeded the land to the church.  Norm has asked Denise Bartlett about our Branch selling the post cards after the National Convention and she said we could but we would need to have our own members man the booth/table.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted by,



 Jean Rolstad