Twin Cities Slovenians 

Minutes of October 25, 2008 Meeting


Meet and Greet at the Nectary.  There were twenty-three attendees.  Thanks to Mary Ann Setnicker for the potica and apple bars.  Slovenec Sem was sung.


Fundraising presentation by Frank Medved:

Frank produced three versions of the Festival of Nations background presentation.              Version 1 is the continuous loop version with music on DVD format.

Version 2 is a PowerPoint presentation with 7 different options of architects and artists that include Carol Ryba’s photo collection.

 Version 3 is a PowerPoint presentation that can be played on a pc with music and can be edited.

These 3 versions will be available for sale for $12 per version.  The break-even point for the sale is 50 presentations.  It will be interesting to note which of the versions is the most popular.

Frank also reported that there are about 9 copies of the Joze Rant book, Slovenian Exodus 1945 still available at $40 each.

Norm thanked Frank for his effort in making the 3 versions. 


Presentation by Elizabeth Haven Hawley, Program Director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.  (See folder of information)


Reading of Minutes of the September 20, 2008 meeting by Mary Ann Palmer


Budget – It was requested that the budget that was developed be a hand out at the next meeting and also available on our website.


Treasurer’s report by Yvonne McComber – September 30 balance - $1,267.95.  Balance on October 25 - $987.95.  Calendars were ordered as well as the Forget Me Nots books.  The books are coming from Slovenia so there will be a slight delay in receipt.


Language lesson – Joe Kuznik featured words relating to history and immigration.


Communications:  Norm reported

            1 – Invitation from the Friends of IHRC to their 31st Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 8, 2008, at the Croatian Hall in South St. Paul.  The invite will be put on the website.

            2 – Zarja indexing – Norm has sent to Mary Lou Voelk and Bonnie Prokof of the SWUA, information of the Slovene collection at the IHRC.  It may be possible for some of our native Slovenians to furnish translation help in this project.  Norm will wait until the SWUA folks return from Slovenia to get more information.


Marketing Committee – Norm asked for volunteers to serve on an Ad Hoc Marketing Committee.  It’s focus would be to determine how and where to promote the CD sales.  Should they be sold with/to SWUA, in Minnesota, in Wisconsin??


Calendars are here and are for sale for $12 each.


Festival of Nations update from Mary Medved.  The theme is “Transportation and Invention”.  We are registered and she will be attending the first meting regarding the upcoming Fesitaval at the International Institute in December.  She will be asking for input/ideas from the membership.


Family History Project – Mary has scrapbooks that facilitate connections.  She is researching a window at St. Elizabeth’s church in Duluth.  She also talked about a photograph of soldiers in World War II that she got from the National Archives.


Webmaster Mary Alice Schwanke reported on the form she is working on for the family history project.  She will also help with genealogy inquiries or perhaps form a class if necessary.


November meeting will be held either the 22nd or 23rd.  Don Palkovich is working on possible theme and plans.


Adjournment:  11:55 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,