Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership meeting

November 16, 2013

New Brighton Community Center



Welcome by President John Zakelj.  Welcome to new attendees.  We are meeting at our new location;

thanks to Rick Pisa and John Skubitz for finding the location, making room arrangements, and getting the beverages. Mary Alice and Liz brought treats this time, we need 2 people per meeting to bring treats. Please sign up.


Slovenian Singing with Mary Ann Palmer and accompanied by Rich Samec



                Treasurer’s report is $2442.89, Mary Ann is on a conference call with SUA today.

                Attendance is 32 paid. 

                Language class Monday evenings, taught by Frank Medved.



Elections of TCS officers

                Slate moderated by Miro Medved. Existing officers agreed to another term.  Nominations are   welcome. Nominations were not made from the floor, the following were  unanimously elected.

                President  -John Zakelj

                Vice President- Bob Grahek

                Treasurer  - Mary Ann Setnicker

                Recording -Secretary Liz Miller

                Membership and dues- Jean Podominick

                Webmistress -Mary Alice Schwanke

                Festival of Nations – Mike Koski


                Board members are Norm Setnicker, Rick Pisa, John Skubitz, Mary Ann Palmer, Jamie Monson,                 Chuck Podominick, Frank Medved, Yvonne McComber, Sue Rademacher, Yul Yost.  New members welcome.




                Photos for each of the following were taken by members in Slovenia

                Calendars – Rick Pisa, $10, purchase now for holiday giving

                Placemats- John Skubitz arranged them.  $10 per set of 4







Program Slovenian National Costumes , or “Slovenska Narodna Nosa” by Tea Rozman Clark

                There are many traditional costumes, for the different regions, the Gorenjska nosa  is the           featured costume representing Slovenia.  As there are many costumes, it is easier for the                 country for marketing and other reasons to focus on one costume.

                The headdresses are Ruta, which is a scarf type, and high which would be difficult to dance in.

                Avba is  a large white bonnet with black band with gold embroidery.  The  larger  bonnet               signifies                 married woman, the more elaborate the embroidery, the wealthier.      The Zavijacka, or              smaller headdress ,  the fabric is         not supported like avba, not as high, just is cloth and tied in       back, and signifies an unmarried woman.

                Dress colors are blue red, green, pink or purple.  Black apron with either black embroidery or     none, and edged in black lace.

                White blouse, fringed scarf assorted colors and designs. The kerchief is white with lace, which   you tuck into chain.

                Sklepanec – gold chain hooked onto apron and falls from right to left to right – can be made out               of old coins.

                Gold pin which you clip to scarf at front.

                Men – knee length bloomers and pantaloons.  Was a jacket, but went to the vest to as is cooler.

                Zidana marela.

                Other regional costumes are:

                Bela Krajina – loose white cotton dress, leather belt for men.

                Dolenjska -white apron, simple jumper with  white blouse, Headscarf is white draped.

                Koroska- headscarf, dress and apron similar to Gorenjska.

                Notranjska – cotton dress with over coat.

                Prekmurska -white dress with bright blue over dress

                Primorska- white dress, blue trim, patterned apron

                Stajerska – calico apron over red skirt and white blouse.

                Ljubljana -black long dress with elaborate head scarf.


Upcoming Meetings

                Dec 14 Fr. Tegeder on Fr.Baraga. at New Brighton

                Jan. 18  1-3 heartland restaurant, Can go have lunch earlier at noon.


                The past Baraga days event featured Yul’s illustration of the cross on a button given to attendees.Kudo to Yul!


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller

Recording secretary