Twin Cities Slovenians Meeting

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Venetian Café – 32 members present


President Norm Setnicker called the meeting to order and members introduced themselves for the benefit of new attendees.


Mary Ann Palmer led the group in signing “Pod Mojem Okencem” (“Under My Window”).


Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $3,234.76. 


A donation to the SWUA National Organization was discussed, with the possibility of giving to the National Museum, Scholarship Fund, or Heritage Camp.  Norm asked that members email him with your thoughts.


Membership Chair Karl Grahek reported 80 current members; seven members have not renewed their membership.


Communication from Benka Pulko was shared.  She is a motorcycle enthusiast who is traveling around with world, with concentration in the Himalayas.  She is willing to come to the U.S. and relate information dealing with Slovenia.  It was decided we are too small an organization to contribute to the venue she is seeking.


A Slovenian playwright, Kim Komljanec, is seeking a grant to come to the U.S.  The Terra Firma Theatre in St. Paul will perform a play, “Wash My Sins Away,” written by Komljanec.  A reading of the play was done at Seth Hawkins’ museum.  Norm has read a script of the play, which is about the displacement of Slovenians in the world.  We replied that, although we don’t have funds to subsidize a grant, we could encourage people to attend.


Old Business:

Mary Ann Palmer reported on the responses to the WWII survey.  You can still go to the SWUA website and fill out forms.


Mary Medved asked members who haven’t completed the Ethnic Diversity Survey to do so.  She had surveys for those present, or you can complete it online.


John Zakelj attended the University of Minnesota History Center Dinner and told of their work in digitizing immigrant letters.  The history center has traditional archival collections; digital collections which are connected to similar connections all around the world; and research on immigrant history.  John is working with them on translating and scanning his relative’s letters.  He distributed pamphlets on the center’s projects.  He also passed around a picture of the Kurent Mask (the mask we purchased from Slovenia for use at the Festival of Nations and sold to Dr. Hawkins and now on display in his museum). 




New Business:

Charles Podominick shared his thoughts and some of the happenings on his trips to Slovenia, the last four years in a row, during which he spent much time in church archives looking for information about relatives. 


Sue Redemacher reported and showed pictures of her and Dave’s trip to a Heritage Camp in New Jersey, near the Appalachian Trail.  The trip was advertised in Zarja, and sponsored by a chapter of SWUA in New York City.  Nine members of her family attended the camp and had a wonderful experience with authentic Slovenia food, wine, beer, and dancing.  They saw a movie entitled, “Vespa,” done in the 50’s with some interesting pictures of Lubljana during that era.  Sue suggested going to to see pictures and get more information.  Sue led the members in singing “Happy Birthday” in Slovenian   Mary Alice Schwanke will put a link to the web address and song on our website (


Sue Rademacher and Mike Koski will co-chair the Festival of Nations booth.  The theme this year is Marketplaces of the World, and the event will take place on May 5,6,7, and 8, 2011.  The first meeting for anyone interested in helping will be at Rademacher’s on Sunday, November 21.


Yul Yost told about the history of the women’s national costume, which was chosen in 1880.  The most picturesque part of the dress is the Avba, which Yul recently purchased from Slovenia.  Jaime Monson modeled the beautiful avba.


Norm asked for a volunteer to chair our Anniversary Dinner.  Please contact Norm if you are interested (651-777-6106 -


An Election Committee of Mary Ann Palmer, Don Palkovich, and Bob Grahek will put together a slate of officers for the positions of President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Elections will take place in March.  Let Norm or one of the committee members know if you are interested in a position.


Mike Koski, Tom Moran, and Yul Yost presented a program on Stained Glass.  Mike passed around information and pictures of the history of stained glass, which showed that the process hasn’t changed much since the 12th Century.  Yul showed a picture of lady slippers, and he and Tom explained how the finished stained glass project was completed, from making a pattern, picking the colored glass, cutting it, leading it, and finishing the project with framing    Jean Smith showed a stained glass picture she had done, and Tom shared his album of finished projects, which included one of The Last Supper.  Jean Rolstad also had samples of stained glass.


Mary Ann Setnicker’s dish towels, which were purchased from Mary Lou Volk, were displayed.  If you with to order them, email Mary Lou.


Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne McComber