Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership meeting

December 14, 2013

New Brighton Community Center


Welcome by President John Zakelj.  Welcome to new people and our children! Thank you’s to John Skubitz for beverages and those who brought goodies! Please see sign up for goodies for other meeting dates.


Slovenian Singing  we sang Christmas Carols – Vprezimo Sani ( Jingle Bells) Sveta Noč (Silent Night) and Glej, zvezdice božje (Look, the Heavenly Stars)Mary Ann Palmer accompanied by Rich Samec.



            Treasurer’s report end of Nov. is $ 2873.55.  96 regular members and 3 honorary members,                    which is a new high!

            Photo archive – please send in electronic versions of our club activities, Liz is working on             archiving.

            Attendance was 35.


Program “Slovenian Missionary Frederic Baraga”by Rev. Michael Tegeder . Fr. Tegeder is pastor to

            Church of Gichitwaa(saint, or holy)  Kateri on Park Avenue in Minneapolis. Fr. Tegeder is dressed           as “Black Robe”.  He is accompanied by Claire and Larry Martin who have researched         extensively Fr. Baraga and Ojibwa hymns and speak Ojibwa language. Baraga used familiar   voyageur French tunes and adapted to Ojibwa language.

            We sang a song, Onaanigwendandaa, accompanied by a horn made of antelope horn.

            (see attached history by Sophia Wyandt)


Sveti Miklavž is always looking out for good behavior in the children. Our own Sveti statue was present.

            Members shared their memories of Sveti.  Traditions were to receive goodies – cookies, candy,             peanuts, figs, oranges, and a small gift on the night of Dec 6.  Also perhaps a birch rod to remind             children for good behavior .Sue Rademacher told the story of Sveti Miklavž, giving to the poor.

            Children received a gift bag.



            All 2014 calendar are sold! 47 placemats are left, are being sold at $10 each.

            Door prize is a sparkling wine from the Karst – Viinum Spumans.


Future meetings

            Jan. 18 we will meet at Heartland restaurant 1 pm, go early at noon and eat lunch.  Lenny Russo            will talk about his experience in Slovenia. 

            Feb  8 annual meeting at Julian Sleeper House Slovenian Culture Day.

            Feb. 22– Isa Keller’s trip to Slovenia


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller,

Recording Secretary