December 17, 2011    9:30 a.m.
Cloverleaf Courts
1101 Cloverleaf Parkway
Blaine, MN 55434
Welcome:    John Zakelj called the meeting to order at 9:45 am.  He thanked Liz and her mother Doris Skull for hosting the meeting this month at the Cloverleaf facility, along their efforts in the Apple Strudel presentation.

Attending:    There were several visitors this morning.  Rich Samec introduced his wife and family and Chuck Podomonic introduced his wife.  There were a total of 23 in attendance.
Music:    There were 2 member birthdays this month.  Mary Ann Palmer led the group in singing Happy Birthday.  With Rich Samec on buttonbox Mary Ann led the group in singing 3 Christmas Songs: Sveta Noc, Vprezimo Sani, Glej Zvevdice Bozje.

Report from November 30 Board Meeting:
In recommendation from the Board, it was stated that board minutes would not be a part of the meeting unless an item significant to impact group and members was present. This will also facilitate the time for membership meeting group presentations.

The group is looking for volunteer photographers for meetings.  The photos will be posted to the website.

There is also a request for tech savvy members to assist other members with presentations, PowerPoint or cameras relating to any and all meetings.

Treasurer's report:    Mary Ann Setnicker reported a current balance of $1584.42.

Future Meetings:     January 22 is the 7th year Anniversary Party to be held at the Venetian Inn. Cost of tickets is $20.00 per person.  The social hour begins at 4:30; dinner is at 5:30.

February Meeting is still in proposal form.  All other monthly meetings are set.  

Sue Rademacher updated the members on the Festival of Nations.  The theme this year is Ethnic Celebrations and Events.  Current ideas for the booth are the Maribor Old Vine Festival.  Other ideas include bee panels and a costume of the grey bee for children to wear. Sue and Mike Koski are still looking for additional ideas

Jean Rolstad noted that the Singing Slovenes received the Culture and Heritage Award in Cleveland at the Polka Hall of Fame.  This is the first time Minnesota has received this award.

Rick Pisa reminded the members about the lending library, books available and return policy.

Yvonne McComber is looking for additional copies of the Slovenian American Times to do additional research on ancestors.

Jan Hahn will be heading to New York in February for the Slovenian Wine Tasting.  More to come on who is hosting that event, the location and exact dates.

Apple Strudel Presentation:
Liz Miller and her mother Doris Skull hosted the demonstration of making Apple Strudel.  They walked through all the steps in creating a great strudel.  The first being the temperature of the room and the room today was warm which made the dough very pliable.  The next steps were as follows:  They floured the tablecloth, rolled the dough and then pulled until paper thin and covering the entire table top.  Not a hole or tear in sight!  Melted butter was spread over the dough, followed by a covering of thinly sliced apples and raisins.  Cinnamon and sugar were then spooned over the entire mixture.  The edges of the dough were trimmed to get ready for the rolling process.  The rolling of the dough starts with pulling the tablecloth and letting the dough roll onto itself.  Then the dough is carefully placed into a high edge pan and baked. Copies of their recipe were shared with all the members. See attached.

While baking. Doris shared stories of her many years of baking strudels and potica for friends and family in Duluth.

Yvonne McComber brought items for a drawing and several members received gifts.  After more eating and sharing the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Jamie Monson