Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership Meeting December 20, 2008

At the Nectary


Despite a snow storm, 15 stalwart members attended and enjoyed many treats including potica (with and without raisins), cheese and onion potica, rosettes, bars, muffins, cranberry bread, and cookies.  The Christmas mice were the hit of the morning.  Thanks to Yvonne McComber, Frank Medved, Mary Alice Schwanke, Mary Ann Setnicker and Jim Smrekar for all the goodies; and Andy Percic for beverages and hospitality.


As Norm read through the December 11 Board meeting minutes, the following items were discussed:


-Since logistical problems prohibited this December meeting featuring children, Norm talked with Mary Bernard about the January meeting.  An ideal: Mary is willing to train the children to be servers at the Anniversary party and use Slovenian phrases as they serve.


-Indexing of the Zarja project will probably take place in the summer of 2009.  A workshop to train the volunteers will probably be done.


-Mary and Frank Medved wrote the grant proposal to the Slovenian cultural ministry. It was sent on December 15 to make the due date of December 19.  Two thousand Euros were requested for costumes and materials for our Festival of Nations project.  It is hoped that we will hear shortly of the outcome of the proposal.


-Frank reported that Mary had attended the December 7 meeting at the Institute about the Festival of Nations.  The theme “Inventions and Transportation” could be very general – historical, contemporary, allegorical, etc.  A brainstorming session of our members is pending.


Treasurer’s Report:  Yvonne reported a balance of $1402.32.


Silent Auction – Yvonne has sent out a notice to all members requesting items for the auction.  She explained how a silent auction works.  After a discussion of what constitutes a “minimum bid”, it was agreed that “value” would be used to describe an item.


Don Palkovich commented that the November wine-tasting party was a great success.  It was agreed that this event be annual in the future with perhaps larger cups for tasting.


Miro Medved led us in singing “Sveta noc” and “Glej, zvezdice bozje”.  He brought along printed music sheets and shared that he has an archive of printed Slovenian music.  He also urged members to subscribe to the Slovenian American Times, a new newspaper out of Cleveland.  Its email address is


Calendars and CDs will be available at the January meeting.


Another book has been added to the Forget-me-nots book series called Antonov Cirkus/Anton’s Circus.  It is written by Peter Svetina and illustrated by Damijan Stepancic.  It recently received an award as “the most beautiful book of the year”.  The author will be making a book tour in the US in September 2009.  This could be a project for us again.


The next board meeting will be Friday, January 2 at 1:30 at the Nectary.


Next membership meeting will be our January Anniversary meeting on January 17.


Respectfully submitted,




Mary Ann Palmer, Secretary