Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership meeting

April 12, 2014

New Brighton Community Center


Welcome by President John Zakelj

                Slovenian American Times has 2 articles, featuring TCS;  We have extra copies.

                There is an article outlining activities of TCS, and Yul Yost article.

                There were 28 members attending.


Slovenian Singing Mary Ann Palmer and Miro Medved


Treasurer’s report Mary Ann Setnicker We have $3,138.13, 109 paid members, 3 honorary, a 31 per cent increase!


Member of the Year by John Zakelj and Mary Ann Palmer.  We are pleased to announce Norm Setnicker as this year’s member of the year and present him with some gifts.  Norm is a founding member of TCS, president for 5 years, reporter to SUA. Mary Ann and Norm pass their Slovenian heritage to their grandchildren.  Hvala lepa for your devotion to our organization and your heritage!


Navihanke May 1 Pat Dahl- the girls have some visa issues.  Concert Thursday, potluck Wednesday, Apr. 30 at Dahl’s home.  75 tickets have been reserved.  Need help at the concert as ushers. 

Genealogy Program May 17 Chuck Podominick- Genealogical Showcase we will have Peter Hawlina, president Slovenian genealogical society in Slovenia,  Rose Marie Jisa, president Slovenian Genealogical society Int’l of Cleveland, and Terry Rupar of Chisholm Iron Range chapter, Jay Fonkert of the MN Genealogical Society.

A.M.-short presentation by 3 Slovenian genealogists.

Lunch will be brought in.

P.M -workshops 30 minute time slots.  Bring as much info as you can for them to work with.


                Next Year Programming please suggest your ideas, we’ve had some wonderful programming in

                the past.


                Photo archive –please send photos to Liz

                Door Prizes wine and Navihanke CDs

                Calendar contest for 2015 – submit photos by end of this month. Email them to Rick Pisa.

Wedding photo project - send to Mary Lou Dejak Voelk, by June 1.  Will be on display in  display “It’s Who We Are” at Vermillion Community College in Ely August 15. Provide information on bride, groom and celebrant.  Contact Mary Lou at 715-292-1960

Festival of Nations Sue Rademacher and Mike Koski.  Presentation of past pictures.  This year’s theme is Peace Among the People.  The Slovenian anthem reflects this theme.  We will feature Fr. Opeka, Karl Grahek, and a peace pole.  The festival runs from Thursday May 1-May 4.  Marian Brezovec is taking sign-ups.  Please sign up!  Admission is free for volunteers, pick up a ticket.  Focus is on the culture, not the country.  A map is allowed, but no borders as it reflects a political view.   We can point to the general geographic area. Ethnic costumes are a requirement.  Men please wear dark slacks and a white shirt, we have vests.  Women costumes are more elaborate and we have costumes to borrow. No eating or drinking while in the booth.  No specific off-site parking lot and shuttle this year.  Metro Transit will have a coupon for a free bus ride. The club is providing a list of parking lots and a coupon for free entry to a monthly meeting as compensation for parking expenses. Green Card Voices will also be at the Festival.


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller,

Recording secretary