Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership Meeting

May 17, 2014

New Brighton Community Center


Welcome by President John Zakelj.    Recent sad news has been the deaths of Yvonne McComber, Mary Bernard, and Congressman Oberstar.  Good times include the Navihanke concert and Festival of Nations.  We had a great turnout for both.   Check the back table for handouts.  Welcome new members!


Attendance 45


Treasurer’s report Mary Ann Setnicker- as of the end of April we have $2,546.61.  Festival of Nations costs are not in yet.  We will be giving an honorarium to Navihanke.  We sold 125 tickets for Navihanke concert. 



June 21 Anniversary dinner -if did not receive invitation, contact John Zakelj

July 18, 19, 20 – Marge Pryately announced celebration in St Stephen’s for  l00th anniversary of incorporation of St. Stephen, collaboration with other organizations.   Ambassador is coming, will be in parade on Saturday.  Singing Slovenes will sing several times, there will be breakfast, a singer from Nashville.  Palacinke on Sunday.

Language class is finished for the year, will probably resume in October.  Please consider joining in learning more about culture and language of Slovenia

Program ideas for 2014-15please consider contributing to a meeting, contact a board member.


Zakelj mentioned that Yul Yost is offering to do dancing lessons, possibly starting next fall.  How many people would be interested?  Quite a few hands went up.


Door Prizes – last 2 bottles of wine


Program - Slovenska Rodoslovna Delavnica, Slovenian Genealogy Workshop  organized by Chuck and Jean Podominick


Terry Rupar- SGSI, Chisholm   work backwards as well as widen your net.  Name spellings are altered.

Rose Marie Jisa SGSI, Cleveland headquartered in Slovenian National home in Cleveland. Membership includes receiving “The Linden Tree”.   

Peter Hawlina-Slovenian Genealogical Society, Ljubljana


All slots for Peter’s help are filled, but the other experts are available, see Jean if you want a slot.


Adjourned for lunch, followed by individual time with gurus. 


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller,   Recording Secretary