Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership meeting

September 20, 2014

New Brighton Community Center

Welcome by John Zakelj



The annual report is available for reading– one word to describe it is “volunteers”   Our volunteers made this a great past year.  Please consider how you can help. We have a good year coming up!  See the schedule Rick Pisa hands out.

Please sign up to bring treats, thanks to those who did today.

10th anniversary of the Twin Cities Slovenians is this year!  Liz has been preparing photo albums, Norm and MaryAnn Palmer are working on a history booklet.  We need volunteers to help with planning a celebration.

Photo Albums- Liz has worked on creating photo albums for our organization, culling photos from many people.  Please peruse them and make notes on any needed.

SUA – there have been changes at national level.  We are Branch 109, SUA received approval to be a 5013(c) which would make donations tax deductible.  See back table for donation forms. 

Treasurer’s report – Mary Ann Setnicker- the balance is $2826.44. 

Norm received his dual citizenship for Slovenia.  Congratulations!

Calendars and placemats are for sale, $10 each.

Calendar contest – Rick Pisa.  Photos were submitted by members and selected for the calendar by the board.  Winners received a framed photo of their chosen submission.

Singing – with MaryAnn Palmer

Program – Traditional Food Cultivation in Slovenia by Cecelia Watkins.  Cece’s interest is rooted in her past gardening and food preparation techniques.   The presentation is based on her experience on visits to Slovenia; she learned baking from a baker in Slovenia, through a program called Woofing she lived and worked at an Eco farm for 2 weeks.  Cece also learned beekeeping with a relative.  Attendees shared their traditional food experiences.

Wine door prizes were given out.

Next Month’s program will be Hank Thunander for our entertainment. 

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller

Recording secretary