Twin Cities Slovenians

Membership meeting

New Brighton Community Center

December 13, 2014

Welcome by John Zakelj. Attendance is 29.

Music Holiday music Mary Ann Palmer accompanied by Rich Samec


                National SUA convention June 2015 in Lemont, Ill.

                Check out next issues of Zarja for news

                Treasurer’s report- Mary Ann- balance is $5,185.91.

                Thanks to all for renewing membership and donations to our local group

                There are only 4 sets of placemats left, $10 each set

                Lending library – check out the great selections

                Election of officers took place in October;

                                President John Zakelj

                                Vice President Bob Grahek

                                Recording Secretary Liz Miller

Membership and Correspondence secretary Jean Podominick

                                Treasurer Mary Ann Setnicker

                                SUA representative Norm Setnicker

                                SUA alternate Mary Ann Setnicker

                Board members are:

                                Festival of Nations -Mike Koski and Sue Rademacher                     

                                Webmistress- Mary Alice Schwanke

                                At Large:

Chuck Podominick

                                Mary Ann Palmer

Rick Pisa

                                Frank Medved

                                John Skubitz

                John also recognized Miro Medved and Yul Yost, who often participate in board meetings and provide valuable assistance.  Members are welcome to attend board meetings, check the website for info.

                Proposed music event – Pat Dahl is working on it.  Board will discuss after this meeting.

                Sign up to bring treats for future meetings, they are much appreciated!

                Thanks to all our volunteers who make these events so special!

 Fun stuff

Slovenian Quiz Rick Pisa - A quiz (see attached) taken from the Slovenian American Times newspaper.  Prizes were given out.

Wine door prizes of Slovenian wines.

Program by Mirjam Gremes

43 Angels: "History and restoration of the largest baroque altar in Slovenia" - which is located in Polhov Gradec.

The church was finished in 1736 in Baroque style.  It has been renovated several times since then.  The altar is completely carved of wood. It is 40 feet high by 30 feet wide and 8 feet deep. There are 43 angel statues in it.  Renovation was funded by EU, started in 2007 and was finished in 2010.  Carvings were restored in Ljubljana.  Mirjam cleaned paintings, and stabilized worm eaten frames. The entire church was cleaned and painted. The result is amazing.  Mirjam wrote a book in Slovenian about the process.

Mirjam was born in a small mountain village in Slovenia, Mirjam had a truly bi-cultural
upbringing, raised by her Slovenian mother who is a talented musician, lace
maker and operates a small farm with her American born father who lived in
Northern Minnesota.

Upcoming meeting

January 17 “How My Mom and Dad Met Freedom” -Sylvester Vicic’s family story of immigration

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Miller,

Recording Secretary