2015 - International Arts


Below are photos and a printable PDF of our brochure from our 2014 exhibit.



Click on image for larger view

Setting up for the festival

Haning artwork

Our 2015 exhibit

Our booth

"Kranjska sivka" or the Carniolan bee which is Slovenia's honey bee

Posing with the bee

Explaining beehive panel story
game to children

Beehive Panel Story Game

One of our many booth exhibit hosts

One of our Festival Co-chairs
showing our booth

More booth exhibit hosts

More booth exhibit hosts

Our Festival Co-chairs with
two other hosts

One of the Festival Co-chairs
translating children's names
into Slovenian

Another host

TCS President, a member and one
of the Festival Co-chairs

Our 2015 Festival Co-chairs

A TCS member stamping
passports for children

New for 2015 was the addition of
giving presentations about
Slovenian Arts

Giving a presentation