Upcoming meetings and events for our organization.  Please note that there are no regular monthly meetings in June, July and August, if there are other events we will post them here. For meetings held at the New Brighton Community Center, there is a $4 fee to cover room rental.

  • We have come to the end of our official 2018/2019 meeting schedule. That doesn't mean there is nothing happening for the next three months but rather there may be 'pop-up' events occuring during the summer. Watch this space for details!

  • Some of the presentations being planned for the 2019/2020 meeting schedule includes the Gottshee Slovenian perspective of the period of time between World War I and World War II. Also there's a presentaion on European and Slovenian Fairy Tales and Myths. Throw in the Martinovarnje (Blessing of the Wine) event and we have all the makings of yet another exciting year!

  • Stay tuned!