It was recently announced that next year's 2021 Festival of Nations will not take place because of Covid issues. More information later.

Festival of Nations

The Festival of Nations is the largest multi-cultural event in Minnesota and is held at the St Paul RiverCentre. Started in 1932, the Festival of Nations provides an interactive educational experience about the different cultures that make up our community.
  • Students getting their FON passports stamped. A popular activity for students is having their faux passport stamped for each countries exhibit they visit.
  • Experience a little bit of Slovenia. Volunteers wear ethnic costume and some speak Slovenian, a popular question is how someones name is said in the language. Visitors are encouraged to ask our volunteers about Slovenia.
  • Something for everyone. Besides the exhibits, dancers and musicians perform on stages throughout the event. There are demonstrations by authentic folk artisans, a bazaar for your shopping pleasure, and of course a food court where you can taste your way around the world.
The Twin Cities Slovenians has had an exhibit in the Festival since 2008, for information about past exhibits click on the theme that interests you.


2008 - Art and Architecture
2009 - Inventors and Innovators
2010 - Folklore, Legends and heroes
2011 - Marketplaces of the World
2012 - Ethnic Celebrations and Events
2013 - Children, Our Past and Our Future
2014 - Peace Among the People
2015 - International Arts
2016 - Folklore of Slovenia
2017 - Ceremonies & Rituals   Brochure    Puzzle Answers
2018 - Exploring Historical and Contemporary Traditions
2019 - Slovenian Culture - PreŇ°eren Day Brochure