Remembering Our Late Members

Yul Yost

yul1Yost Home

 One of the founding members of the Twin Cities Slovenians.  A native Slovenian who inspired and recounted so much of our Slovenian heritage and ethnicity.  Yul is a “man of all seasons” - a botanist, horticulturist, chemist, historian, winemaker, carpenter and garden designer.  Every one of these titles reflects his love of the Slovenian culture.

His “Slovenski dom” in Roseville, Minnesota, exudes his love of Slovenia - from the stucco on the exterior of his home; to the Slovenian flora in his backyard garden; to the painted panels honoring Bishop Baraga and Father Pirc; to the archeological replica of the oldest wooden wheel in the world (discovered in Slovenia); and to the many pictures and Slovenian bric-a-brac in the interior of his home, Yul has remained true to his ethnicity and is a constant reminder of our shared roots.