The Twin Cities Slovenians are proud to sponsor online Slovenian language classes for adults this fall. The classes are taught from Slovenia one Saturday each month, 9 -11 am:

December 12, 2020

January 9, 2021

February 6, 2021

March 6, 2021

April 10, 2021

May 1, 2021

The class is on Zoom and includes lessons from Pocket Slovene, which focusses on conversational Slovenian for beginners and travelers.

If you are interested and have not already responded, please contact John Zakelj at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and answer the following questions:

Do you have Pocket Slovene?

Are there particular subjects or skills that you would like to focus on?

The objective of this group is to increase Slovenian vocabulary and improve pronunciation of the Slovenian language. To be able to comprehend and construct simple sentences in Slovenian both spoken and written, and to have fun learning about Slovenian life, music and culture.

In the past, we have also used and Anki, a computerized learning model that complements,. “Colloquial Slovene, The Complete Course for Beginners” (Second Edition) book may also be used to add vocabulary and provide more exercises.  You are welcome to use the online resources without enrolling in our classes.

 A suggested method in using these resources for learning the vocabulary would be to complete a chapter of the course on including the chapter test and then download the "Anki Deck" to your computer's Anki program to do more practice on the lesson's content. More information on the use of Anki can be had by viewing the PowerPoint presentions below. (PowerPoint is not required to view these presentations.)


Anki Related Downloads

   The core of the Anki flashcard program is an advanced algorithm, developed by a team to save you time. As you study, it learns how well you know each flashcard, then prioritizes them for you, so you study the things you don't know, without wasting precious time on the things you already do proficently.
   The primary program (required) runs on several platforms including Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and Chromebook. This program allows of creating new flashcards, importing existing flashcards, plus tools to add audio and video to the make your own flashcards. Most importantly, the program will guide you through the learning process. These programs are free and downloadable below.
   Additional apps are available allowing you to use your smart phone or any computer to control the learning process wherever you happen to be. The two most popular apps are AnkiMobile for Apple products and AnkiDroid for Android devices. There is a one time fee for AnkiMobile of $25 and is available at the Apple App Store. AnkiDroid (available on Google Play Store) is free as are the programs as are the primary programs that run on Microsoft and Apple Mac. For Apple users who prefer not to pay the fee, a website called AnkiWeb can be used on any computer that runs a browser. AnkiWeb, like AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid, have limited features.


Download Anki Program Files


Anki Decks

These flashcard download files correspond to the 11 assignments that are a part of (University of Ljubljana) website.


Here are the 11 vocabulary sheets (Slovenian and English) for the download assignments above.

 Lesson 1  Lesson 2  Lesson 3  Lesson 4
 Lesson 5  Lesson 6  Lesson 7  Lesson 8
 Lesson 9  Lesson 10  Lesson 11

Anki Class Presentations (PowerPoint Slides in PDF format)

  • Getting Around Anki (view)
  • Adding Flashcards to Anki (view)
  • Importing an Anki Deck (view)
  • Moving Cards & Merging Anki Decks (view)
  • Setting up AnkiWeb and Connecting to It (view)
  • Changing Anki Interface Language (view)
  • Setting up a Slovenian Keyboard (view)
  • Obtaining and Sizing Graphics (view)