The Twin Cities Slovenians group was formed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota, as Branch 109 of the Slovenian Union of America ("SUA", formerly known as the "SWUA" or Slovenian Women's Union of America). If you have Slovenian heritage or are a friend of the Slovenian culture we invite you to join our group.  Our goal is to honor our Slovenian heritage interest through the sharing of fellowship, culture, history, music, language, literature and genealogy activities.

If you are of Slovenian heritage, wish you were, or are just impressed by this very small and very beautiful country, the Twin Cities Slovenians welcome your inquiry.  SUA 109 Twin Cities Slovenians - where there's plenty of potica, good will and fun to go around.

The national SUA recently received approval from the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, meaning that all donations to SUA and its branches are now tax deductible.  If you would like to support our local activities, we recommend an annual donation and completion of the annual donation form.




The Twin Cities Slovenians (TCS) is an all-volunteer group.  Your donation supports our annual exhibit at the Festival of Nations.  Last year, we organized more than 30 volunteers who prepared and staffed the exhibit.  The exhibit was enjoyed by thousands of people who learned about Slovenia and its rich cultural heritage.  Your donation also supports a variety of other activities which preserve and promote our Slovenian heritage.  During the past year, we presented enjoyable and informative programs almost every month.  Programs included presentations on genealogy, travel to Slovenia, cooking, literature, music, film-making, national costumes and history.  Our monthly meetings provided an excellent opportunity to interact with others who share your love and interest in Slovenia.  We also provided a Slovenian language class which met every two weeks from October through April.  For a complete list of past activities, see the Ten Year History Booklet and annual reports below.  For a schedule of upcoming activities, see the News and Update page.

We no longer have separate membership in national vs local SUA.  Membership in the national SUA includes membership in the local branch.  We encourage you to join SUA (see in addition to making a donation for local activities.

Membership meetings are gernerally held at the New Brighton Community Center, 400 - 10th Street NW, New Brighton, MN, room 224. Our board meetings are genally held at Culver's, 4004 Silver Lake Road, St Anthony, MN.  Check the Calendar page for full information on either meeting.