Twin Cities Slovenians/Branch 109 Slovenian Union of America
Statement of Governance (Revised 5/24/16)

The Twin Cities Slovenians/Branch 109 Slovenian Union of America is governed by the Articles of Incorporation and Constitution of the Slovenian Union of America (SUA) as well as the current SUA Bylaws. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between SUA Bylaws and these Guidelines, the SUA Bylaws prevail.

Purposes and Objectives

  • To unite persons with an interest in preserving the Slovenian heritage
  • To provide opportunities to advance our knowledge of Slovenia
  • To provide a forum to help individuals of Slovenian nationality or interest to discover and research their Slovenian heritage
  • To perpetuate and unite members through their common interest in Slovenian culture and tradition within the Twin Cities metropolitan area
  • To educate our membership on the many facets of Slovenian culture and history
  • To uphold the principles and ideals of SUA


Membership in Branch 109 is governed by SUA bylaws. Membership in SUA includes membership in the branch designated by the member. Anyone having an interest in the culture of Slovenia, including members of SUA or any one else, may be a member/donor to the Twin Cities Slovenians/Branch 109 Slovenian Union of America. Although dual membership/donor status is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.

Dues and Fees

  1. TCS yearly recommended donation is established by the Board for individuals and families. SUA membership/ZARJA subscription is paid directly to SUA according to SUA requirements.
  2. The TCS donor year is the calendar year. New donations received after September 1 count towards the following donor year.
  3. Additional fees may be required for monthly meetings or special events.
  4. Honorary memberships may be granted based on recommendation of the Board. Honorary memberships do not grant voting status.

General Membership Meetings

  1. General membership meetings are usually held on the third (3rd) Saturday of the month September through May.
  2. Special meetings or changes in date/time may be called by the President or at the request of at least 3 members of the Board.


  1. The December general membership meeting will include the election of officers and the Member Representative (liaison) to National SUA for the upcoming calendar year.
  2. The Board of Directors shall nominate members for election and invite additional nominations from those present. For positions that have only one nomination, election shall be by unanimous consent of those present. For positions that have more than one nomination, paper ballots shall be provided to adult members of TCS/SUA who are present.. To be elected, an individual must receive a majority of votes cast.
  3. SUA members and TCS donors who are current in their recommended annual donation are eligible to vote in TCS elections and other matters that may be brought up for a vote at membership meetings. Only SUA members are eligible to vote for the SUA Representative.


The President shall:

  1. Supervise and manage the affairs of the TCS, subject to the direction of the Board of Directors
  2. Call and convene meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership
  3. Sign all official documents as may be required
  4. Appoint board members in consultation with the Board 5. Establish board committees in consultation with the Board

The Vice President shall:

  1. Perform all duties and exercise all powers of the President when the President is absent or otherwise unable to act
  2. Coordinate planning for membership programs for the following year

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Record all receipts and disbursements of the TCS
  2. Pay invoices and sign checks as approved by the Board
  3. File financial reports as required by SUA
  4. Be the custodian of the official financial records of TCS

The Recording Secretary shall:

  1. Record, maintain and distribute minutes of all meetings of the Board and the membership as directed by the President
  2. File activity reports as required by SUA
  3. Be the custodian of the official non-financial records of TCS

The Membership Secretary shall:

  1. Maintain a list of SUA Branch 109 members and TCS donors.
  2. Issue yearly renewal notices to donors
  3. Maintain a directory of members and publish updates as requested by the Board
  4. Maintain e-mail and snail mail distribution lists
  5. Issue notices of meetings and events.

Member Representative (liaison) to National SUA shall:

  1. Represent the members of the branch at meetings of the National SUA
  2. Vote the membership interests of the Branch whenever SUA votes are taken
  3. Facilitate exchange of information between the Branch and National SUA.
  4. Represent the members at Regional meetings as approved by the Board

An alternate representative (position is optional) shall perform all duties of the Member Representative when required and approved by the Board.

The President, Treasurer, and Representative to National SUA are required to have dual membership.


Members of the board shall consist of the officers, past presidents, and at-large members appointed by the president and may include Webmaster, ZARJA reporter and committee chairs.

  1. The board generally meets during the last week of the month.
  2. majority of board members shall constitute a quorum.
  3. Absentee (proxy) voting is not allowed.
  4. The President may fill any vacancy on the board by appointment.
  5. Roberts Rules of Order may be used as a guide for conducting business
  6. In urgency situations, the president may request a vote via e-mail.


Committees may be formed as needed upon appointment of the President from volunteers of the membership.


  1. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
  2. The financial records shall be audited annually and with each change of treasurer.
  3. A budget shall be submitted to the Board in December, prior to approval at the January board meeting.
  4. Donation requests will be handled according to established guidelines

Historical Records

  1. TCS has the responsibility to preserve meeting minutes and other records of historical value.
  2. Records are the property of SUA and shall be transferred, if requested, to the home office in the event the branch disbands or merges with another branch.

Cooperation with Other Entities

TCS may cooperate with other organizations to promote and support the preservation of Slovenian heritage in Minnesota.


These guidelines may be amended by a majority vote of the Board.


These guidelines were accepted by the Board on March 29, 2016.

Revised “Dues and Fees” and “Elections” on May 24, 2016.